Illtud’s 216 is set in a 16th century malthouse, in Llantwit Major on the Welsh Heritage Coast. Its proximity to the ‘pub quarter’ of our town, leads us to believe that beer and malt were indeed brewed here at the time the adjacent pubs were established.

Legend says that the occupants of the malthouse marked the number 216 in various positions on the wall, as it was only possible to load 216 gallons of malt on a wagon that could pass through the narrow gate.

Illtud’s 216 offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere. It is a perfectly romantic spot for couples and at the same time a great venue for family celebrations where children and adults alike can feel welcome and comfortable.

We want it to be your home from home, where you can enjoy our seasonal and locally sourced food, our carefully selected wines, craft ales and ciders and our house cocktails, in the company of family and friends from near and far.

This is who we are, your living room in Llantwit Major.

We look forward to your visit,

Einar, George and the Illtud’s Team

Illtuds 216